Why Should Global Warming = No More Cold Winters? Because. That's Why.

This week I discovered that apparently I am retarded and if that wasn't enough I also have severe mental problems.  This according to someone whom I have never even met; who doesn't know I exist, but along with thousands of others I was still fair game for his armchair judgement.  Who was this person?  He is a blogger with a following of several hundred on Twitter who doesn't "believe" in man-made global warming (AGW).    I won't link to his blog because I prefer not to drive traffic to a blogger who speaks purely from a personal bias that directly contradicts tested scientific evidence on the subject he wrote about - in this case the current cold winters being proof that global warming is a hoax (see link at bottom of post for scientific explanation of negative Arctic oscilliation and the weakened polar vortex).  In comparison to other bloggers on the subject, he was relatively tame with his rant.  Some are virulent in their hate speak.  Some have the hallmarks of extremism.  To these "believers" of anti climate change if you subscribe to the possibility of AGW then you are automatically judged in the most derogatory terms.  Those of us who want to ask reasonable questions and look to the scientific community for answers are relegated to the realms of the simple; the unthinking; the gullible and the outright stupid.  That's a lot of insults from people I haven't even had a chance to express my views to. 
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