The V Word

Validation.  These days it's scarce, and like anything during a shortage, it becomes more valuable and sought after when it can't be easily had. 

Everyone is crying out for it.  Look at me!!  Like me!!  Comment on me!!  Notice me and then for gods sake post something about it, even if it's a crap keeps the wolves of epic fail at bay.  So profilers keep on making noise until they shanghai their "friends" into leaving remarks.  However the reality is that the commenters usually have either a) too much time on their hands and spend it all in FB anyway or b) are bored at work with nothing better to do than surfing FB and posting what they think are "amusing" comments on their "friend"s profiles ~ invariably with a lot of extra vowels thrown in, cause it if takes up more space it makes meeeeee moreeee noticeeableeeee!!!!  (ahem the commenter that is).  Everyone is at it.  No one really gives a damn about anyone else's profile...except maybe some profiler's parents but probably half the stuff people post is not parent friendly anyway and ends up upsetting said parents more than making them feel proud of their child.

Stop. Right. There.  In the succinct phraseology of online gamers....WTF??? 
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South Park's Episode on Facebook

You Have 0 Friends  (Click link to start episode)

Following on from my De-Volution of Socialising Blog this little gem is amusing and terrifying at the same time.  Love the way they combined Facebook and Tron in one episode...pure win.