A Kind of Wonder

In the last century the iconic image was more prolific due to the lower level of production of images generally. Now the tsunami of images and the fact that the nature of the iconic has been identified and therefore disempowered by both its own ubiquity and the ubiquity of the image in general, renders the newly iconic almost impossible to produce.
Cartier-Bressons ‘definitive moment’, that moment that identifies the essential image that characterises the moment that is available to the photographer had she or he the technique to capture it, and Conrad Hall’s confusingly titled ‘photographic moment’, given that he was a cinematographer, are available for all to achieve as technique has been quantised, digitaised and made ready for popular use via an availability through the 'professionalisation' of software. Naturally, when software developers could increase functionality in software, they did and this lead to the software outputting the semblance of the professional with the person addressing the software having very little professionalism - as professionalism is much more that 'the look of a thing'. Training in higher educational institutions took on the need to familiarise their student with 'the look of the qualitative' and utilised these software solutions so that an apparently ‘more professional’ trainee might be produced for the job market place. Equally trainees met this new level of training with enthusiasm and mass technique and mass aspiration to be the single producer of the iconic rose to meet the challenge. But as the Italians rightly say:  'Pochi sono chiamati, ancora rispondere a molte' - Meaning:

‘Few are called, yet many answer’.

Conrad Hall maintained that each still frame in a shot should have photographic quality (approaching Cartier's Definitive Moment in certain senses) but mainly in compositional quality, so that between the beginning frame of a shot and its end frame, all frames in between as the cameras eye roams across the scene should have the highest compositional quality, as well as the ‘correct’ play of light and subject activity. Hall was saying that even when the cameras eye roams across what could be called abstract compositions, because the subject cannot always be in frame, if the camera when behind a post for instance then the image produced should be like that of an abstract painter, perfect in all of its attributes.It should follow that the ubiquity and availability of high quality equipment and training to a high skill level makes available to all, this level of awareness of the construction of the image.

If the craft cannot be applied whilst in the act of capture - it’s ok as new functionalities of composition are available in programmes that fix reality. Take 'After Effects' for instance, there’s not much that cannot be rearranged in this programme when aligned and data exchanged with Photoshop, so that what was not achieved in the craft act can be genrated in ‘post’. Post meaning: the situation when one has time to think and dwell on construction of all the elements so that they appear to have been produced in the act of capture. This is of course both tautological and impossible.
But the world calls us to act when acts are necessary and craft acts need be realised when that moment calls. Post construction of the iconic is false as it is pre-conceived and post-conceived - realised from a position of understanding ubiquity and cliche, yet without the discriminative ability that stops its production. It speaks of what once was iconic and tries to duplicate what others have done before and in its replication in a  plastic medium and renders images non-iconic from lack of application of the taste that would be the very thing in the moment of capture that resisted cliche.
But post analysis is simply that and it is a form of dull and stultifying practice which renders its compositions also dull and that itself stultifies the production of the sense in us that is a response to the observation of the iconic. A kind of wonder.
The ready ability to respond to the world at the moment when the world produces the circumstances for the production of the iconic comes from continuous practice and a conscious awareness and the desire to stand on the verge of excitement at the possibility of its production. This excitement to visit this moment through the medium of realisation is what any craftsperson can utilise to elevate their practice to art.

The Tipping Point

Two hundred thousand years ago, in a land none of us would recognise, ancient modern humans emerged and began to roam the planet Earth, leaving behind hauntingly beautiful cave paintings tens of thousands of years old.  Paintings we still do not understand.  Sadly they shed no clear light on the lives of our oldest ancestors, we do not know how they really lived, what they truly believed, or if they were even trying to tell us something with their paintings - deemed by most experts to be nothing more than abstract art.  Perhaps one day we will find a key to decipher their paintings, but until then, their distant lives continue to remain a shadowy mystery to us, their descendants.
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Giving Thanks at a ridiculous hour…

So much for getting a good nights sleep tonight… :P I'm hoping to go Good Friday shopping on Friday, possibly staying up all night Thursday night so I wanted to sleep well tonight. Not working out so well right now.

So… I thought I'd wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

Also, here's my list of things that I'm thankful for.

1. Calms… I took four. Hopefully they'll help me get to sleep.
2. This touchpad which enables me to do this post.
3. My family of course.
4. My fantastic, fantabulous, wonderful friends. Benny, Katy, Daniel, Wes, Nathan, Caleb, Bethany, Beka, Juli, Scott, Suzy-I love you guys!
5. My amazing job!
6. My Church
7. Portland
8. Turkey
9. Coffee :P
10. Christmas music :D

Ok, I'm going to try sleeping again. :P

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gave up...

I sort of gave up. :P

Today I not only watched White Christmas, I also set up my Pandora Christmas stations.

So.... I can spread the cheating here are some pictures. I hope they make you as excited as they made me!













Merry Early Christmas everyone!!!


I can't wait…

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Daniel from The Anonymous Antagonist was reminding me that I had not done my Ultimate Christmas Wishlist yet, so.... Here goes! (By the way, if I haven't said so already... You should really go visit his blog! It's awesome!)

$100 American Eagle gift card. Is that lame? :P

2012 Calendar

Sense of Wonder Dress

An iheartfink dress

A pretty camera.......

A pretty computer............

A pretty car......................

Clinique :P


And.... that's all I can think of right now. :P

At the moment I'm enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. The first cup of the season. It's SO GOOD!

Now! I am off to go work on my book some more. :)

Shay ♥

Disposable Life

I have a confession to make.  I used to be different...quite a bit different to the person I am today.  What makes writing this blog so powerful for me personally is that every day I am forced to remember the person I used to be, the choices I made and the beliefs I upheld, even when others shared good reasons with me to choose and believe otherwise.  It is very hard to write this post, because no one likes to be seen in a bad light, but I believe the grief I feel in sharing how I used to be is less important than the message of this post.  So I will do this, I will share how I used to be, and what happened to change me, and why I cannot ever return to the person I used to be. 

Six years ago...
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Creating Prosperity - How To Imagine Your Desires to Be True

Limitation As a Means of Learning To Be Free

In anything you do you impose a set of limits upon yourself. Those limits define what you are trying to do.
Driving a car you are limited to a car and the road you are on unless you are driving off road. By doing the act of driving you restrict yourself to being in a car. However, you also free yourself so that you can get from one place to another quickly... assuming you are using roads and the roads are relatively clear.

In the act of creating roads, we create limits. We define or divide the countryside into parcels. Those same limits help us to define places, and they help us to move between them.

Imagine creating a series of roads so that you could go easily from one place to another and in the process learn what was in between each place. Imagine then that once you knew the lay of the land you could get rid of the roads and go to each place by walking, flying or teleporting. You and the land would no longer be encumbered with roads, but because you used the roads to explore, you now know where you can go, and even better, those places serve as a jumping of point for further exploration.

We Are The 99%

'These protestors, who are actually few in number, have contributed nothing.  They're parasites.  They're pure, genuine parasites.  Many of them are bored, trust-funded kids, obsessed with being something, being somebody.  Meaningless lives, they want to matter.'  
Rush Limbaugh

Everything we know about our history - everything man has recorded up until this present moment - all of it has taken six thousand years.  Every single one of those years were based on greed.  Every one of those years functioned under the mandate of a priviledged few controlling entire nations.  The entire history of man has been centered on the tenets of greed, corruption and destruction; every century rife with its own particular injustices, cruelties and murder.
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Fashion Loves

One place I would love to own a dress from is Shabby Apple. They've got so many adorable designs!

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Boogie Woogie

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Beauty Mark

I can't believe I don't own a black dress yet....

But I think my favorite at the moment is the Extra Credit dress. SO CUTE!!!

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Extra Credit


Impossibly, something absolutely perfect happened yesterday night whist watching Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’.

For years film and video has been trying to be self-reflexive, to truly encode the fact of the making in relation to the audience. This is about how the subject, the makers and the audience are bound together in a group agreement to suspend disbelief about the act of watching a fiction of some kind, about how the cleverer works encoded this into the subject matter to reveal some deeper truth when you are in the depths of immersion in the fiction of the piece.

In the middle of the film Gil Peters goes back in time and meets Salvador Dali, Man Ray and Louis Bunuel.

Gil: I'm Gil, nice to meet you. It's a pretty name.
Bunuel responds:  A man in love with a woman from a different era. I see a photograph!
Man Ray: I see a film!
Gil: I see an insurmountable problem!

At that exact moment the projector in the cinema turned off and the safety lights came up and I was amazed that Woody Allen had arranged for thousands of cinemas across the globe to do this in every performance of the film. We sat for a moment and I mused on the nature of going to see films and engaging in fictions and what immersion and suspension of disbelief means.

A voice emitted from the projection box that ‘we’ll get the film on as soon as possible’. How amazing that Woody had issued dialogue for the cinemas to speak. Then the sound came up to let us back into the film gently, then the image, then the lights went down. What orchestration. I got back into the film.

Later I went to the box office and they told me that the electricity in the small city where I live had gone off at that exact moment.

You couldn’t have planned it...

Got a job!!!

So finally, after two years of looking, I have got a job. It's at Things Remembered and it still seems strange to me...

But I've worked two days so far. Well, I've trained for two days. I really love it so far. My position is engraver which means I work the engraving machines and put the messages on the jewelry and boxes and watches and whatever else.

So far in my training I've learned to use the machines, engrave on metal, engrave on plastic, and engrave pens. I've also learned how to engrave on different shapes like hearts and stars. But it's a lot of fun and I really like my manager and the assistant manager.

But yeah, that's about my only update at the moment...

After talking to Daniel from The Anonymous Antagonist, (Which you should totally check out because I think he writes one of the best blogs in existence!) I'm thinking about writing a short story and posting it here. I think it would help my inspiration and motivation a lot if I actually finished something. Maybe then I would be able to get farther on my main story...

Oh! Also this Friday I'm putting together a costume dance as a fundraiser for my Church's school. I'm making Benny and I gypsy costumes for it. Hopefully I'll get them done in time... :P Actually not hopefully! I know I'll get them done in time. So there!

:P I'll try and get pictures of them on Friday.

And now... Because it is Tuesday!!!

Oh my gosh I love this song and video so much!!! :D It's kind of like our house. :D Except that we live on the corner of our street.

Have a fantastic week all!
I finally finished Clannad After Story the day before yesterday. I don't think I have ever seen a tv show series that moved me the way this one did. I was literally sobbing through all of the last five episodes. Well, actually through most of the second half.  But the ending wasn't sad, it was beautiful. That may sound weird when talking about an anime series but... It really was.

And the music for it is lovely.  :)

I don't want to give anything away, but if you do watch it and get to a certain point and want to stop... Don't! Go all the way through to the end. :)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Anyways, I really loved that show and recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind crying a little. Or a lot as in my case...

I have a longer post coming soon hopefully. :)



"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."  
The Sign of the Four

At the beginning of this year, the media began reporting on the phenomenon of mass animal deaths that were occuring almost simultaneously all over the world.  Frightening to read, the articles and photos strongly resembled the tension building scenes from a typical Hollywood apocalyptic blockbuster - the scenes that occur right before the destruction of the planet unfolds on an epic scale. 

In countries all around the world hundreds to thousands of dead birds fell out of their skies, for no obvious reason.  Reports poured in daily of thousands to millions of dead fish washing up onto beaches in both hemispheres.  And there was more to come - mysterious livestock deaths would occur in the hundreds and whales dead of starvation would wash ashore in waters far from their natural habitat.  During the most bountiful season, inexplicably starving animals would attack humans as food and sharks would attack swimmers in unprecendented numbers.  This was bad.  Really bad.  And we weren't sitting in a comfortable cinema chair with popcorn in one hand and a Coke in the other, this was happening for real.
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Catching up

So I think I've killed my muse... killed it stone dead.

I thought when Autumn came I would start being able to write again... The smell of the air, the rain, and the color of the leaves almost always make me need to write. 

Like right now... I'm forcing myself to write this. I have a cup of warm coffee next to me, a fire going in the fireplace, and my inspirational playlist going. Usually that should be all it takes! Especially since it's raining outside at the moment.

Well, I guess I just need to try and work past this.

Choir started again two weeks ago. It's amazing to think how different this year is from when I first started it. In a good way completely. 
So far the songs we're learning aren't all that interesting though.
The choir will be singing at the Grotto for the second year in a row which means we have to learn about 45 minutes worth or music. Normally I adore starting choir and learning Christmas music straight off. It's like cheating since normally I don't allow myself to indulge in any Christmas music till the day after Thanksgiving. But this year none of the music has that distinct Christmas feel to it... Hopefully some of the stuff we start tonight will be more like it.
So far we've started learning:
And the Glory of the Lord from The Messiah Choruses by Handel
In the Bleak Mid-Winter (but the melody isn't the same as the traditional one)
Shepherd's Star
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach
Ok, that last one is a little more fun. Also it's pretty easy.
We're also learning Sing to the Lord by Vivaldi
We All Believe in One True God
Except the Lord Build the House based on Psalm 127

It's kind of a lonely season of choir for me this year since my best friend has moved to Washington for his new job. He comes back most weekends but he can't come back for choir...


Today I walked up to Joann's to try and find a gypsy pattern for a costume I'm going to make. I found one but it isn't quite what I was looking for so I'm going to look through the old costumes we've got around here and see if I can find anything I can piece together.  Hopefully I'll be able to finish it before the party which is on the 21st... I'm putting together a costume dance as a fundraiser for the private school that my Church runs. Hoping plenty of people show up!

Last weekend Benny came back from Washington and Wes, Caleb, Forrest, Elisa, Benny, and I went to Portland. It was Wes' first time and Benny's second. We went to Saturday Market, Everyday Music, and ate lunch at Pizzicato. 

Caleb and Wesley's first time on the bus! :D

 The taco plate Benny and I split at Saturday Market :D

Benny bought a hat to keep his ears warm at his job in Washington. :) It's getting pretty cold up there.

 Wesley bought a new hat that is cool.

Benny, Elisa, and Wesley being hypnotized by the spinning porch decorations. 

Elisa is scarred by the singing marionettes...

Trying on cute hats :D

Caleb and Elisa :D

Benny got vinyl albums of the Shins and Wilco. He was pretty pleased with them. :)

Bus ride home

So other than the Doctor Who season ending not much has happened that I can think of... :P