Irresponsible Reporting. The Damage. The Consequences.

"The thing about science is first of all it's after the way the universe really is and not what makes us feel good. And a lot of the competing doctrines are after what feels good and not what's known." 
Carl Sagan

Today in Japan, there is a volcano experiencing one of its biggest explosions since it became active again after 52 years.  Today there is an evacuation of the low lying parts of North Queensland and its off shore islands in advance of Cyclone Yasi, a category 4 cyclone that is due to hit what has already been designated as a disaster area tomorrow or the next day.  Today the US National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Chicago.  Yesterday 2 people died and 29,000 were evacuated because of floods in Johor, Malaysia.  The media has not been short of fodder for articles concerning the heatwaves, floods, droughts and heavy snowfalls that have recently plagued mankind.  So many things are happening all at once that it's likely not practical for all of it to be widely reported.  This means only a percentage of what is happening in the world due Climate Change is being made common knowledge.  There are things happening we will never know about.  But even if those of us trawling the Internet for information don't know about it, the scientists do, and later on we'll realise why that's more important than most people realise.  But first let's talk about responsible reporting.
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