Shades of Grey

People like duality.  Hitler is bad.  Mother Teresa is good.  Finger pointing is one of the best ways humans separate themselves from others, whether the identifier is a religious affiliation; a lifestyle choice; a cultural preference; a political view; or a sports team.   Amazingly this need to belong to a certain "side" funnels right down to the insignificance of choices like whether one drinks Coca Cola or Pepsi.  Let's face it, life is easier if we can label things and then pick our camp.  Then we know where we belong and depending on our choices the finger pointing can be as laid back or radical as we like.  I remember I once worked for a boss who drank Pepsi.  Being a Diet Coke drinker I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea that I worked for "one of them", loyalty to my brand was so fierce that I even lost some respect for my boss because he drank the "weaker" beverage.  Division is a force to be reckoned with, but that's a subject for the anthropologists to discuss, not me.
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