Queensland Floods Dec 10, 2010 - Jan 11, 2011 & Mar 7, 2011

A goanna clings to a barbed wire fence during the Queensland flood

Update note Mar 7, 2011 ~ Queensland is once again inundated by flood waters following record breaking rainfall.  Photos

Update note Feb 7, 2011 ~ Since this blog was originally posted I have been spending a little time trying to get more photos and information about the flooding in Queensland.  Boston.com posted some incredible photos of the floods on their Big Picture page here.

I have also amended the title of the blog to accurately reflect the time period of the flooding as best as I have been able to research it.

Footage below chosen as some of the best I have found showing the reality of the flooding that swept into Queensland following the torrential rains that caused the inundation of a landmass the size of Germany and France combined.  The first video shows the floods that hit Toowoomba, and in real time shows how quickly the water covered the land. 

The second video of the horse rescue may not seem that spectacular, but in fact the animal's hooves were caught in debris and the man stayed with the horse until it could be freed by emergency services.  Considering how close the water was to its nose at the end, it would have surely drowned otherwise.  

The last video is a glimpse into the brutal reality that faced those who survived the flood...what the media isn't interested in showing us...

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