The Real Fear Story...Apathy

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

The other day, while discussing how to make climate change issues more engaging for Paradigm's Bend's readers, a brilliant friend of mine sadly pointed out that the trouble with climate change isn't whether it is happening or not, it is that everyone is tired of being bludgeoned to death with fear stories wherever they turn.  Over an extended period of time desensitisation occurs and not too long after, apathy follows.  In a recent email exchange with an American collaborator, I learned that in the US while 30% accept climate change as a real issue, 30% do not accept climate change or see it as a hoax and another 30% don't even care.  The other 10% must have been too apathetic to even answer the climate change survey.  Forget about climate change deniers, it is apathy that is the real enemy of climate change.
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